Why Antenatal/Pregnancy care sessions: What everyone wants you to avoid is the bad information that's so easily available. If you Google C-Section and you'll get nearly 2 million hits, more than you can realistically access, the Internet comes to you unfiltered and hence there's a lot of misinformation.
These sessions provide awareness in boosting your confidence and dispelling the many myths about Labor. Though the class is a big time commitment, it's one of the most interesting courses you'll ever take, and everyone gets the best grade of all - a beautiful baby.
These sessions provide you and your partner with answers to questions on Pregnancy Diet, Preparation for natural birth, the biology of Labor and delivery, Relaxation techniques, Breathing exercises, Breastfeeding , New born care and many more. You name it, we have it.
Sessions are designed for couples. Your partner will learn about childbirth and how to support you on the big day. You may find that attending childbirth classes together will create a special bond.

Sessions Structure

  • Total four sessions
  • Each session will be of duration 2 hrs (Class = 1.5 hours, Exercises = 30 minutes).
  • Batches on Weekdays / Weekends.

Session 1: World of unborn baby & Bonding techniques

Amazing Baby Brain Development
How to connect with Unborn baby ?
Pregnancy milestones - - 2nd and 3rd trimester
Physical / Psychological/ Emotional changes
Warm up Exercises & Pranayama
Q & A

Session 2: Diet and Nutrition

Four pillars of optimal health
Weight Gain in pregnancy
Magical diet for healthy pregnancy
Pelvic Floor Exercises & Meditation
Q & A

Session 3: Labor & Relaxation Techniques

Signs of early Labor
Stages of Labor
Lamaze Breathing
Importance of Natural delivery
C Section procedures
Birth Ball workouts
Massage Techniques
Relaxation & Visualization techniques
Q & A

Session 4: Better Breast Feeding Concepts & Stimulation Techniques

Concepts, Rules and Positions
Tips and techniques for exclusive breast feeding
Calming sleep solutions
Baby Massage techniques
Stimulation techniques for 5 senses
How to avoid over stimulation
Stimulation Toys
Q & A

Sessions Etiquette:

Before start of the first class, kindly inform if there are any medical issues.
Arrive on time. Let’s value everyone’s time. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time to help you settle in.
Wear comfortable clothing.
Yoga Mats are provided for doing exercises.
Bring snacks since the sessions extend to more than 2 hours.
Husbands are welcome to attend the first session.
Kindly avoid using strong perfumes/body sprays. It might be allergic to some mothers.
Please keep your cell phone in silent mode when the session is on.
Please attend the classes in the batch you are allotted to. If a class is missed, no alternate arrangements can be made and no refund provided.
For Session registrations, Please visit Upcoming Sessions

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