General Counseling

Tackling the ups and downs, and all around issues that come along with living a healthy life can be easily figured out . Every week can bring family emergencies, health problems, relationship issues, and career concerns. With all of these things that we cannot ignore -’ how do we go about facing them head-on with strength, self-assurance, and a clear mind?. We are happy to help you.

What we do?
Personal relationship concerns (partner, family)
Career Concerns
Work related stress
Feeling a lack of direction or purpose
Confidence and self-esteem issues

By prior appointments. Duration: 30 minutes

Skype Sessions

Skype sessions are conducted for the mothers who are either in abroad or in outstations and not able to attend in person.
Call us, check availability and book it. Total four sessions and each session will be of 1 hour duration.